Friday, January 9, 2009

Jim's Letter to Paul at Columbus

This post is dedicated to Paul - I met him at the Lily Dale NY  Matrix Energetics Workshop and saw him again at the Baltimore ME Seminar.  He is a retired computer programmer who got started back in the days when IBM really stood for International Business Machine. That is why I use a lot of computer references in the note.  If Matrix Energetics is more than just a healing modality, it is people like Paul who will help move it along, in what measure , I don't know.  If it is to become a force of change it must not be just what the creators saw it as. Like computers and the Internet it may become more than anyone imagined


As I wrote this email , I realized I was writing my next blog entry! I hope you don't mind me killing 2 birds with one stone. I will dedicate it to you, as your experience with ME is as important as anyone else's.

I think you really get the point of the ME book - the fact that Mark Dunn took 2 years to even do anything other than be a guinea pig for Richard. Plus as you heard yourself most of the practitioners themselves took a while to "get it". Richard's son Nate, faked it for months if not longer.

So don't worry. It may be more important to use ME in your own unique way. It may not even involve 2 pointing at all... it may be a state of awareness/being that you use to interact with your world. It may just become a new form of trust or acceptance that only you realize. 

Going back to your history working with computers. At the time you started they were only imagined in a very narrow application...number crunching. Look at them now not that many years later. So many people have taken their own vision and made computing so much more. Yet to some they are still business machines for accounting but , for others they are tools to create entire movies out of imagination. For some people they are just fancy word processors or machines to store and play music on. For others they are used mostly to play solitaire..ha ha . 

We can't call any of those wrong uses. To say everyone must use ME like Richard does, is to say  we must only do, with a modern computer, what IBM first started doing with the Univac. In other words, the tool that Matrix Energetics is, is evolving, with us , because of us, and in spite of us. On its own?...maybe? Or is it that each person who touches it and tweeks it and makes it her own, is adding to the force of it. the Force of NO get all Taoist. I believe the modules were invented by someone else's imagination, not Richards. That person added to the database of programs that get incorporated into the ever expanding OS. 

You may write a program that uses ME to interact with plants for example. I may write a program that uses ME to bring a sense of calm everyday fears. Would you only want a computer that did word processing or a spreadsheet? I might be beating a dead horse. I think you of all people get the picture. 

WE were given a computer with unlimited potential, you and I. We were given the ability to write is encoded in our hearts and our minds. We just need to figure out where to take it. I guess I think of it as the computer in its infancy, or the Internet in its infancy. The Internet, devised as a tool for the military has evolved into what it has become, because of the thousands or millions of people, each adding their part. 

What will Matrix Energetics become? Beats me! It will become what you and I each make of it. Add to that what every other person practicing it makes it. roll it all in little snowball and give it little push down the mountain slope. It may become that. Or, I may be full of shite? Either way though, the image of being able to do things exactly the way Richard Bartlett does them in exactly the same way is so very appealing, being able to have instant and profound physical effects on almost everyone he touches. The field of Matrix may want something else from each us...something more...something unique.  

The manual given at the seminar is like the manual for a new complicated digital camera. You can read the manual a hundred times. It is only a guide, it is not a substitute for sensing what pictures to take and actually taking that camera out and constantly snapping. The picture you compose is your own. after a short time you discard the manual and taking pictures becomes second nature. Relating back to computers is like this too. Remember the first time you tried to use a complicated software like Photoshop. Yikes! how many times did the whole computer get threatened to get physically removed and relocated to the dumpster with a few hammer strikes or even bullet holes defining its new condition. Now the program is a breeze, you don't even think about it. You may even now, quickly show others how to do a function that used to make your temples pound. ME may be like that. I don't know for sure. I really am no expert. I am a fellow explorer like yourself. As my blog title say, I am Pondering the Matrix, that is my task.


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