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Marla Frees - Psychic/Medium/Matrixian

In life you run into people of integrity, not very often, but you know them when you see them, so to speak. We are also are influence by others, either through direct contact or by their words. Many times they are teachers, either professionally, or it is just the way they are, the way they interact with their world - they pass along knowledge and mostly wisdom. What teachers do best is to teach us how to LIVE in this world; it is the underlying message that is the bedrock of whatever information they may pass along.

If you have read Richard Bartlett's book or heard him being interviewed, or been to one of his seminars you know that he is such a man. I came to realize that Matrix Energetics is about far more than relieving physical pain, which it can be used for. I also came to realize that it has a Mind of Its Own. It can do things on its own without your knowledge, or approval for that matter. ME can do things, make things happen, that may not feel good, Hell, they can feel awe full in fact, yet the outcome is positive and life advancing. If ME asked you first “Is it OK if I break you down to build you back up", you will probably say "NO, no thank you, I like my mental and physical comfort, please ask me in a few months. I might be willing to consider it then, thank you very much!"

Other people of integrity come to mind. Buckminster Fuller has been a hero of mine for many years. I got interested when I build a geodesic dome house for some people back in my contracting days. His simple goal was to see what one person could do for humanity in a lifetime. Another is person of integrity is Whitley Strieber. He is an exceedingly intelligent and knowledgeable man. Listen to him on his show, Dreamland, and you will know the depth of his questions and understanding about the nature and complexity of Humankind. He is thought of by many as that nutter anal probe guy. He, however, has shown an unwavering integrity and the courage to ask tough questions, to interview other important teachers, to get the information out, information about not just aliens and UFOs , but about the wonderful as well as the wicked event taking place in our world : in our souls. Enter Marla Frees.

Whitley made Marla a regular interviewer on his show Dreamland at . She interviewed Dr. Richard Bartlett on the show in March 2008. Marla had taken the Matrix seminar which made the interview that much more interesting. It was my first exposure to ME, it whetted my appetite. "Could this be real ?" I asked myself. So I bought the book and there began my own Matrix journey.

Well, turns out Matrix Energetics is real, as is Marla. The difference between the two is that if you poke Marla with a stick she will probably react....not so ME. Marla calls herself a psychic medium. Saying the words psychic medium already either call up images good or bad, as our society seems to have polarized these words. On one hand you have those who immediately write psychics, mediums, or both o as charlatans preying on vulnerable people with weak minds who have "sucker born a minute ago" stamped on their foreheads. Or on the other end of the spectrum you have those who swallow hook line and sinker anything anyone with the title psychic or medium say as concrete absolute gospel and speak of it in tones which would lead one to believe they were talking of a famous Rock star.

I live 14 miles away from Lily Dale NY, the largest Spiritualist community in the world. Many residents there are mediums who hang out a shingle by their house and give hourly reading in return for American dollars. I have never had a reading at Lily Dale, unless you call the quick mini reading in a group setting one. That one was so far off the mark it felt a little awkward. I never paid a psychic or a reading , not because I thought they were hoaxsters, it was the thought of parting with $50 only to have someone tell you " you have an elderly gentleman who has passed who says you are going on a trip". I other words, none of them ever "felt right" enough to me to open my wallet. I have known people to get wonderful readings; giving such specific details that there was no question the information was not just cold reading. On the other hand I have known some who felt they were just throwing money down a rat hole. I simply decided not to gamble.

Back to Matrix AND Marla. I have mentioned in an earlier blog that within a week or two after Reading the Matrix Energetics book, all hell broke loose in my life. It felt like my world was coming to an end. Dramatic, I know how it sounds, but at the time that is how it felt. I needed help. Through a series of coincidences I contacted Marla to have a reading, to find some answers, to tap into whatever help I could get to help Me through this. I didn't relate any of this to ME, why would I? It was Marla who first made the possible connection.

I don't want to go into a massive amount of detail about the reading/dialogue/interaction. It would take too much time, would be painful, and would be difficult to relay how what she said was significant to me...and to ME! One significant similarity to ME is that when having a session with Marla, you also create a Sacred Space where transformation can occur.

What Marla repeatedly says is that she trusts Spirit, and allows what spirit has to say come through her. She doesn't have to know what significance the information might have; she just trusts it is useful for the person she is interacting with. It must have taken years to get to the point of trusting and acting on that. I have known few who were able to act on faith in any aspect in their lives. I include myself with those who do not trust going where Spirit guides ( or shoves ) them. I am getting better at it though, since practicing ME.

So was she right on target 100% of the time? No. Does that make the significant information any less significant? Also no. Does any doctor get the diagnosis right 100% of the time? Another big no there. Would that mean you would rule out consulting a doctor? Once again no. What it does mean is that you enter into a relationship where two people are interacting with the intent of getting some insights as to what the problems are and how they can be "healed". A doctor uses his/her medical training and knowledge and an enormous database of information to find heal. Psychics and mediums on the other hand, I think, tap into a database that is, perhaps, infinite.

How does Marla, or any psychic or medium do what they do? I don't know? I don't think it matters. I would ask each of you where your flashes if insight or intuition come from, however small? Somewhere from that infinite Zero Point? When they come do you have the skill and the courage to trust them? Cutting edge quantum physics, as I understand it, tends to prove mysterious powers of the mind rather than disproving them. Past present and future, maybe time itself, may just be constructs of our minds. Scientists are doing research on time travel and teleportation...and yet we don't throw them in the same basket with psychics and mediums and label them all frauds. Should you consult a psychic or a medium? It does cost slightly less than a particle accelerator and the gained information may be more useful in your day to day life than colliding theoretical particles that might not even exist. Spend the money you saved not buying a collider and take a little trip, or maybe purchace a small island country.

It can give you insights you may not get on your own, give you closure, help you heal. A session with Marla can also be FUN. She says “a session with her might not be what you expect - but it is exactly what you need". I would agree. If Matrix Energetics, or whatever else, nudges you in her direction, do what you would do with ME- go with what shows up because there are forces that know what is better for us than our own limited thinking minds.  

It is nice to get messages from loved one's who have passed. It is also nice to be helped by a person with integrity and compassion who is grateful to take part in doing the greater work. Marla's connection with Matrix Energetics is icing on the cake. Visit Marla's bog Marla Frees Light    for some interesting reading or visit her website .   Or you can click the links at rhe right.



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