Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Baltimore Matrix Energetics Seminar pt. 2

Level 1 &2. Three days. Three days which are different. Different from most other 3 consecutive days. Laughing, crying, disbelief, and wonder! 

I think it was on day 2 that things got weird. Let me rephrase that...things got Matrix. The emotions were intense at times. Mostly when practicing Matrix things with other Matricians. I remember practicing with one gentleman in his early 60s, I think. Almost as soon as I touched him he slumped onto my shoulder. He said he could stay there all day. I was instantly filled with an intense emotion and tears started dreaming down my face. It was a sadness...but it wasn't my sadness, I think it was his. This all happened in the course of 1 minute after first meeting him. We stood like that for a couple minutes and the feelings kept coming. I finally sighed, took some deep breaths, and kind of shifted. I saw WOW! That had never happened to me when I 2 pointed anyone before. His statement was something like "you have a really big heart". And we talked for a little while. I asked him what he did, as if slumping onto my shoulder wasn't much information. He said he was a psychologist, and had been for a long time. 

That is when the impression hit me that it was not HIS sadness, but the accumulated sadness of his clients throughout the years. He seemed very calm and quiet spoken. Somewhere inside him, I suspect was a kind of storeroom, or maybe more like a warehouse. This soft-spoken man would open himself as those who sought his help would open the floodgates of emotion. Like a Delta, I picture him diffusing the torrent, sending it off into a hundred different directions. But the volume of it was still there somewhere. And some of it became stuck in small pools long after the floods had receded. So maybe what I was feeling was not his sadness, but his compassion.

Richard told us about using archetypes. They can be anything. Mythical beings, real people - living or dead, cartoon characters, machines, angels, animals...WHATEVER. I had never tried them before but now I understood more how you use them. The trick is...whatever comes to you, however seemingly unrelated, just go with it. There was a tall guy I ran into. We looked at each other and made some arm gestures as to say “so you want to give it a try?". We talked for a minute or two. Just to get some background and get acquainted. He tried first. 

He stood in front of me and put his hands somewhere on my torso, I don't remember exactly where - it didn't really matter. He said I see a motorcycle....it was some kind of animal riding the motorcycle I think. He said it was a group of motorcycles...they come riding in...one of them gets off...he has a hammer? At this point he was questioning his imagination, but was willing to go along with it. He then said he takes this hammer....pauses.... he then looks around trying to figure out what this hammer is about. Hmmm...he said puzzlingly...looks like he takes this hammer and reaches back HERE and breaks something up? At this point he reaches around my back and uses his imaginary hammer and taps his fingers on a spot in the middle of my back beside the spine. It is where he touched that spot that REALLY mattered!

The moment he touched that spot I started laughing, and I mean laughing. I started to fall and he caught me and assisted me to the floor, laughing hysterically the whole time. I lay there on the floor in a room with a couple hundred people trying various ME techniques and I laughed, loudly, fully, and with abandon. He was laughing too as if seeing me in this state was like him touching me while I was holding in to a live strand of electric fence. I think I did that for about 5 minutes straight. I honestly don't know - it was so weird. He laughed for a minute or so then looked a little puzzled. His gaze said what just happened? I don't know myself why the uncontrollable laughter. It was great though.

What I do know is the significance of the spot that imaginary hammer struck me and “broke something up". It was nothing I told anyone there about and I had only met this guy a few minutes before and we only talked for about 2 minutes. The spot he imagined breaking up was a spot that had been painful on and off for about 5 years. I was sleeping with my Border Collie Bo on the couch. He was hogging most of the couch so I ended up sleeping on the edge. It was one of those pull out bed couches and there was a hard upholstered board running the length of the edge that gave it strength. Waking up after this I had sharp pain in my rib area, about the size of my hand, where it meets the spine, and it was sore also. The next couple weeks or so it was sore. Soon after, I started getting sharp pains where those ribs met the spine that would knock the breath out of me and drop me to my knees. 

The slightest wrong movement or turn would bring on these spells that lasted for about 10-30 seconds each time. I went to my physician who referred me to a chiropractor who did some things that felt better, but didn't relieve the sharp pain episodes. What my physician told me was that they were muscle spasms. That is why they would seem to pulsate for up to a minute, during which time they were in control and I was their plaything. When they came it was all I could do to steady myself and try to catch a breath. Now I have had lots of physical strains and injuries in the 20+ years I did construction work, but nothing like this. The muscle spasms went away after a couple weeks as the doctor has suggested might happen as my ribs tried to get back to their original position after being spread by that couch rail. It remained a sore spot that would cause a lot of pain and sometimes putting me in my bed for a day or two till the pain receded to a tolerable volume. 

The bottom line is it hasn't bothered me since the Seminar when that guy with his imaginary motorcyclist’s hammer hit me in that exact spot. Even when it didn't hurt I could always wiggle my back around or twist and feel where that spot was. I can't feel it at al now. How did he know? Neither of us had a clue. The point is, it doesn't matter if we knew why. The point is - go with what comes up. Don't analyze it or doubt it because whatever brings you this image or archetype is smarter than you. Be humble and allow it to come through.

After that I was still laughing, however I could form fairly complete sentences at this point so I was ready to try using archetypes with him. Like many people there I started with saying something to the effect of “I don't know why, but" ......"I am seeing a sea serpent over your left shoulder". Huh? It is making a circle around you like a Scottish sash (then made a looping motion diagonally around his torso to simulate how those sashes are worn).Then I, say something like “I don't know why but the serpent is now circling around your waist" (and I made a horizontal circling motion by his stomach). Wham...he went down and luckily I caught him because he was a big guy. He lay on the floor and I knelt beside him. He was having an extreme emotional response which I could witness but had no clue what it was about. All I knew was that I imagined a sea serpent circling his torso like a Scottish sash?

When he got up in a few minutes he described being flashed back to a traumatic childhood episode when he was an elementary school crossing guard. There was an episode where some kids were almost hit by cars and he was called into the office and screamed for a long time at for being responsible for almost getting those children killed. Turns out it wasn't his fault, but at age 11- or 12 when you are accused of such a thing it can be traumatic. The spooky connection was that they used to wear those crossing guard safety sashes that have one part that goes around your chest diagonally and another part that goes around your waist just like I hade imagined the sea serpent circling his body. How did I know about that? Beats me!

Matrix Energetics 2 Pointing Tip # 143 - Archetypes are crazy!

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Colleen Lilly said...

I agree archtypes are amazing. I learned they are bundles of information and we do not need to know what they mean, just use them! So now I send the archetype that shows up into a persons body or mind and let it do its work. We are just the transmitters of the archetype.

Thanks for sharing your experince!