Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Toothache Be some other stuff maybe

The night after Cheryl Andersen's 6 hr. Matrix workshop I came home in a really great state of mind. I was instant messaging our semi-adopted Daughter. I told her about the workshop and how I had a delayed reaction Matrix whammy collapse me on to the massage table for 5 minutes. She mentioned that her tooth was hurting, actually it was a wisdom tooth that was breaking through, cutting and causing pain. She said it had been hurting steady for days. I thought about how Cheryl did most of her Matrix magic at a distance over the phone with her clients. Even though I had never done anything of the sort I was on a Matrix high and thought, Oh well, why not give it a try. Having just spent the day with other relatively normal people who were mostly new to this like me, I felt less foolish talking about it than I had before. I mean no one there had shrunken heads tied around their waists or claimed they were from the planet Matrixeon. If any of them were Matrixeonians they were keeping that secret to themselves.

I said something like, "let me try some Matrix Energetics on your toothache over the computer". Since we were instant messaging I told her to stand up close her eyes and relax for I think 1 or 2 minutes. After getting the ready...set...go...timing worked out like it was the final round of Jeopardy I stood up and thought about what to do. Facing south would be a good thing I thought. She is attending University about 50 miles away south of us, so of course facing south would send Matrix waves like an arrow straight to her. That is only logical, right? Logic has nothing to do with it. It just felt right at the time. I know ME is not like a 50s sci-fi laser gun...or is it? Next I "dropped down". Not really, I just tried to recreate that feeling I had when feeling connected to people I was practicing on in the workshop. The sensation for me is located somewhere loosely in the ribcage, chest, throat, head, hand, arm area. Sorry I can't be more specific because it isn't always the same. 

Holding a concept of toothache but not addressing this particular toothache I tried to expand my awareness. I figured I expanded it a few inches or possibly a couple feet. Not having an Acme Awareness Gauge, I had to guess. What really happened was that I thought about her childhood and intended that some of the emotional damage from that to be healed also, nothing specific, just whatever might help her. I didn't tell her about that part, I just said I would see if we could help the tooth.

About 5 minutes later she messaged a big OMG! She said the tooth pain was completely gone and the blister inside of her cheek where the tooth had been cutting also was completely gone. I was NOT expecting this to happen. I wasn't thinking anything would happen to be honest. The reason being that it is CRAZY! Hold your hands in the air in front of you and think about something and recreate a "feeling" and intend good things to happen and POOF...toothache and blister gone! Sorry...but that is crazy. It would be equally as crazy to deny that something amazing just happened. And now...the rest of the story.

3-4 days later I was talking to her and I asked her how she was doing when out of the blue she said her tooth hadn't hurt since. She said also had a breakthrough in the past couple of days- she has forgiven her Mother for everything and doesn't hold anything against her anymore. The feelings toward her mother weren't anger as much as profound sadness for being abandoned most of her childhood. She was kind of puzzled by the sudden change of attitude toward her Mother, and she was also thrilled by it. Something that had plagued her and caused a lot of anxiety was simply shed like Jacob Marley's chains. She also said that she all of the sudden lost her awkwardness talking to boys she likes. I was dumbfounded!

What? but....? Huh?! Then I told her that was the other thing I was "working" on. I was thinking about her self acceptance and self confidence, how if she could see herself as other people who love her see her she would be more sure of herself. This applies to everyone of course.

Was it ME or just a coincidence? Damned if I know. The toothache thing is strange enough. Healing childhood pain though? It is not that I don't believe these things can happen; it is that I don't believe that I can have an active part in causing them to happen. At what point will I believe it? Rather, I should ask, at what point will I KNOW it. Remember as a child learning to tie your shoe, or swim, or write letters correctly on that special ruled paper. Maybe it's like those. It might be second nature now for you to do the multiplication tables in your head, back then though, 9 x 8 might have left you staring blankly at the page doubting if you would ever KNOW the answer. Or how about those times you got lucky and guessed the right answer - WHEW! got lucky this time. How many times do I have to "get lucky" with Matrix Energetics before I'm convinced it is not just my imagination?

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Dani said...

I was thinking today about the things we have been experiencing.. and about what you have been writing about. And I realized...I think the weirdest part of all of this, is how natural it just happens. It's not something as shocking as waking up with a Gray staring at you, an inch away from your face... in fact most of it could be written off as chance... and yet it is still so much more than that. You know what I mean?