Wednesday, December 10, 2008

MEPA Syndrome - Matrix Energetics Performance Anxiety

Did you ever have a bit of luck at something and after that you were a little hesitant to try a go at it again because you figured you used up your luck on the last try, or maybe Lady Luck was just building you up so she could pull the rug out from under you and laugh as you fell backwards flat on your ass with that stunned look on your face. It could have been a remarkable tennis game, something you created that came out better than you thought it would, or a project or day that couldn't have gone better. Or maybe it was that last Matrix Energetics Experience. When you consciously try to recreate that day or event with force of will it just isn't going to go the same way. Don't get mad at me for pointing that out - It's just the way it works. It has to be a supernatural way, whether it is anything from singing to Matrix Energetics. Is it a Natural Law like gravity or getting a mustard stain on that shirt when you try so hard not to? Perhaps.

I think MEPA Syndrome is most likely to show symptoms after a Seminar. Not immediately after though, it may take a few weeks for your body to build up a resistance to the MEon wave/particles that infect you at a seminar. When I say body I really mean brain. Our old best freind/worst enemy - THE BRAIN! There is an energy at a seminar which makes it so easy to have dramatic physical results doing ME with others there that are filled with this same energy. It may be mostly Dr. Bartlett's energy radiating and affecting all those there like a lump of Uranium mutating us into Matrix Zombies like a scene from George Romero's 1968 film: Night of the Living Dead. People falling down and getting up again...and again...and again! Arms outstretched and two pointing might look to a passer by like one of Romero's zombies going after their prey. We were much better dressed and I think we had much better manners as a whole. Like in the zombies in the movie, the concept of respecting personal space was ignored completely at the seminar if one wanted to practice on human flesh. In the "Dead" series, anyone who dies comes back to life, unless the brain has been sufficiently damaged to prevent it. Yeah...I think that applies here too.

I don't think it is really just Richard Bartlett though who is responsible for the energy. Nor do I think anyone there was acting like a mindless zombie staggering around in search of a living body...OK there were moments of that, but you can also see that in the local 7-11 on a Friday night just as easily. I think it was all of us there; we didn't just come there empty. We brought something with us. I should say some THINGS...everything we are. We came filled and empty at the same time.

If, after a weekend like that you find it difficult to access this energy and find people in your regular circle willing to suspend consensus reality and allow for the possibility of a new reality of unlimited possibilities, it is OK. If your MEPA Syndrome keeps you from jumping in and 2 pointing as quickly and as eagerly as you did right after a seminar don't feel bad, I think it is just a normal reaction - an adjustment period. If you compare it to going on a really good vacation and the problems integrating back into your "normal" life after you get home it might make sense. The feelings of elation, the exotic scenery, the period of lack of responsibility, the willingness to try new things, fade into mere memories as you go about the day to day tasks that make up so much of most of our days.

Are we then destined to become Matrix Groupies, following the band from city to city, piling on more ME jewelry and accessories like those RV enthusiasts with 75 bumper stickers proving where they have been? I suppose you could. Why not? Who of us wouldn't like more wonderful vacations? If, however Matrix Energetics is what Richard Bartlett says over, and over, and over again - then it is not necessary. If it become part of us, OR, comes FROM part of us, or from God or Spirit then it is everywhere, at least everywhere we are. It is the inner life ultimately. The trips to far off lands are exciting. They are not, in the totality of life, the core, the things that move us to achieve, to grow, to go on. If ME is to have a lasting place in our being we must make uniquely it our own somehow. It would be easy, and tempting, to assign to ME seminars the task of giving you your next big ME fix. What comes to mind is the benefit of asking questions to/with ME. “What would it feel like if I could take a Matrix Energy pill everyday and keep my MEon levels supernaturally elevated?"

I believe, and I could be wrong, but I believe ME must become a natural part of my day to day life or it is of little use in the long run. I should be able to do it as naturally as driving a car or driving a nail, as natural as loving. How long does it take to get to that point, in an instant or in time? The old saying of it being like riding a bike may apply. I hope so. Still falling of the bike ( or wagon) a lot at this point , but still getting right back on, struggling and surrendering at the same time, doubting and trusting in the same breath..Oh,and I forgot - still having FUN.

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