Thursday, December 18, 2008

What Just Happened?!

Let me relate another Matrix Energetics story or two. I don't know what to make of these... but then again I usually don't KNOW what to make of any of them. This second one is just a tiny bit stranger. When I first started using archetypes at the Baltimore Seminar I found that quick flashing ideas or mental images might have some relevance to the person or situation present.  One of these stories  is different FOR ME because as far as I know nothing happened. I know, Richard Bartlett says something happens EVERYTIME! That may be true, like when I am sick and I am told there are little germs, viruses, or bacteria causing it, but I have no way of verifying that to myself - I just feel like crap. At least with an illness there are symptoms which are an outward manifestation of that illness. You cough and have a runny nose - cold. You get a cut and it gets red and painful and swells up - infection. 

With Matrix Energetics though, it is not always as cut and dried. You 2 point someone and they twitch, sway, or start laughing - ???? Or the more typical - nothing seems to happen; unless you call getting funny looks getting confirmation something happened. I don't. It is hard to discern between "that was weird" or “are you done yet”, or the puzzled skeptical look that can only say" is that it?” 

What may, for me, be some validation that something other than fantasy is taking place is the flashes of intuition I might get concerning ME. This can be either where to touch or place my hands, or an image or thought that comes to the fore. It can be a sort of picture or just a seemingly unrelated object or two. I remember one that was a teddy bear playing a violin that I was supposed to "place" into someone's abdomen. Another was the image of a glowing hot coal on the base of the neck of the guy who brings my hay and firewood for the farm.

I had just gotten back from Baltimore and felt fairly able to do ME with people. This guy was telling me about all his aches and pains as we unloaded firewood. He said his neck has been bad since an accident he had years earlier. As we finished and got off the truck and he was leaving I told him I was learning some weird light touch healing stuff and asked him if I could try something. I was behind him and I said just stand still...then I got the image of a glowing hot ember at the base of his neck at the side right above the shoulder...I was "supposed" to imagine blowing on this coal/ember like you do with bellows trying to get a fire going good. Left hand went there and my right hand was drawn to his lower back. I imagined some force shooting up from his lower back up and out through the ember on his shoulder/neck. I was in a moment of stillness for a few seconds and then felt like I was done. I said something like "Ok that is it". He then told me when I did it he felt this force shoot up from my lower hand out through where the upper hand was and he felt a burning sensation up where I was had my hand by his neck. That is exactly what I was imagining and I told him nothing. I said that is kind of how it works. He said good-bye and drove off. 

The next day he was going to bring about 6 more cords of wood. He brought the first cord and went right back to get some more. After he brought the second cord he said “you know how bad my neck was yesterday and how I couldn't turn my head...well after you did that thing I went home and my neck really hurt later that night...then the next morning the pain was all feels really good now. "I don't care if there is a blizzard n next time it hurts like that" he said, "I am driving over here to have you work on it." I said "maybe things were moving around and that is why it hurt so much later that night as things realigned"...but I also said " who knows?"

A couple of days later I was finishing the roofing on my hay loft. It was cold and windy and was supposed to snow in the next few days. I was using rolled roofing and I was using roof cement on all the seams. Toward the end of the day I had that wonderful black roof tar here and there on my clothes and hands. As I looked at the tar on my hand I had an idea that I would play a joke on my neighbor. She is a little 9 year old Ethiopian girl my neighbor adopted when she was really young. Her parents both died, at least one of AIDS, which so ravages that country. I was going to go over and show her my hands and say look I am just like you ...pretty soon there won't be any white left. She would give me a dirty look and say "Mr. Jim - stop it it's not funny, or something to that effect!" I know the joke isn’t really that funny and is definitely not PC.

This wasn't a well thought out plan just a quick devilish thought to tease her - the instant the phrase "I'm just like you " came to me so did these images. That phrase is at the heart of Matrix Energetics, I think - "I'm just like you ". The image was of her drinking this orange/red glowing liquid from a white porcelain bowl. I have no idea what it meant. I do know that I was compelled to go 2 point her. I should have cleaned the tar off my hands, but I got the impression that I wasn't supposed to - that it was part of the package. Here I go again...walked across the street and she was playing in the yard. She was really happy to see me. She always seems to be. I gave her a big hug and said I needed help cause I was turning all black. I asked her what she did to get it off. She gave me the "Mr. Jim!!!" line and we both laughed. Then we went to get her mother because I told her mother I had to do a Matrix Energetics thing on her daughter.

As if coming from an Ethiopian orphanage after both of your parents die isn't bad enough, she is showing early symptoms of a disease called Neurofibromatosis, which is passed genetically. The effects can be mild to debilitating and it usually shows up in kids about this age. She seemed fine and it wasn't causing any physical difficulty yet. It is a crap shoot of a disease. I always tell the mother to stop fussing over it, that she would be fine. The doctors tell her she probably WILL be fine, no way to tell at this stage, it could be crippling; only time will tell. 

It was a nice Fall day and we were in her back yard. I tell the mother I get the idea that she has to stand on bring her up higher. I never had anyone stand on anything before when doing ME. I was looking around for a bench or a chair for her to stand on. That is when her Mother said "how about that?”, and pointed beside me. I look down and about five feet behind me was a large upside-down WHITE PORCELAIN enameled bowl. I thought, Oh shit!...Twilight Zone. So I had her stand on it. I did a 2 point and told her that she was supposed to drink this glowing orange/red liquid from a white bowl. She pretended she did and smiled as I continued contact a little while longer. I tried hard to describe the liquid I imagined she was supposed to drink. I kept saying it was like the sun only more red, or it was like molten metal. To me I was reminded of what molten silver or bronze looks like when I am just ready to pour it into a mold. She wouldn't know about that, so I kept trying to describe it. We were done and she got off the bowl and gave me another hug. 

Her Mother asked " the glowing liquid...could it be lava?" Yes! That was it lava, why didn't I see that before. The best way to describe the glowing liquid in the white porcelain bowl was lava. The mother then said she came home from school today and couldn't stop talking about lava. They learned about in class that day. Once again I raised my eyebrows and darted my eyes back and forth...HUH!

The white porcelain bowl, the lava in the bowl both had some meaning that at the time, which earlier, when I imagined it, I had no clue about. Both things were somewhat precognitive and I cannot say that it was just coincidence. Both were very specific and involved this specific girl at that specific time. 

I didn't address the Neurofibromatosis. I have no idea how one would go about that. I only connected with the beautiful little girl and imagined her growing up healthy and happy. I don't know if anything happened despite Dr. Bartlett's insistence that ME works every time. I didn't get my roof completely done before the snow set in. 

Many of you may relate to this. I didn't get my roof done. OK, so it isn't completely tarred. Before I got allowed ME into my life, like a newly adopted child, thoughts, like that thought, would have caused me a lot of anxiety and harsh self judgment. Now I have more of a tendency to accept what is, do what I can, and accept the result. Not all the time, but much more of the time. Can I combine this subtle change within myself with the burning ember and the lava in a bowl, to prove that EVERYTHING is really just light and information and that Matrix Energetics collapses the wave of all possibilities and brings about TRANSFORMATION at the quantum level where all things are connected and time does not exist? I don't tell me!

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beth said...

i just recently finished reading the ME book, and would love to go to a seminar - but i feel very strongly pulled toward ME and two-pointing.
i just wanted to thank you for sharing your experiences and to tell you that this entry made me very emotional, it was beautiful.
thank you.