Monday, December 1, 2008

What's the Equation?

We want recipes and equations. We want 10 easy steps and a personal trainer. We want answers - not more questions. We want to KNOW instead of to TRUST.

In other words, we come up against ourselves. Smacking into ourselves like Wile E Coyote going face first into that fake painted tunnel. Like Wiley who thinks the painted tunnel is real, we think our image of ourselves is real too. SMACK!!!

How much easier to do Matrix when I feel positive, hopeful, happy, joyful, and perhaps the most import and, self loving. Trust me, I am no expert in this area. Self love and self-forgiveness are not the natural by-products of our culture. Few I meet are in that state more often than not. This includes those who put themselves out to the world as enlightened people. An overdrawn bank account, broken down car, or insult sends most of us into a state that could hardly be called self loving. I am not talking about what modern educational phychobabble terms "self esteem". Most efforts to artificially boost self esteem involve reinforcing the false ego and don't address the real problem. I taught K-12 Art in a small Pennsylvania coal mining town in the early 80s. I was the only Art teacher for about 900 kids. Self love was rare, and self forgiveness even rarer. It was a community not that much harder than the one I grew up in. The difference was in the classroom with them I got to see something different - a uniqueness about each and every one of them, both joys and sadness.

I got to see something else. I got to see them being creative. Stepping out of the everyday worries and competitions, they simply created. There is a feeling or consciousness you get into when you are making something that is very similar to when you are doing ME Self doubt and self hatred ( self loathing if you will) fade to the background in the creative process. Don't believe me, try making something when you are really pissed-off! If you are beating yourself up for past mistakes while creating, it will come out in not so nice ways in your artwork. Artwork Art-play? That is another similarity of Art to Matrix Energetics. Most artists I know enter somewhat into a state of play and let creativity flow through them in much the same way you play with ME and let whatever ME is flow through you. That is why it is an Art and not a scientific discipline.

It would be nice if Richard could just tell us " put the index finger of your right hand on the tip of the nose and the index finger of the left hand on the right elbow and that will cure arthritis 100% every time". A formula would be nice. Turns ME Book of Neat Cures to page 253 : RI (N) + LI ( RE ) = Arthritis cure. Heck. that would be a great reference book to have. We like recipes too. Add 2 cups 2 pointing with 1 cup Archetype, mix in 5 tbs. frequency 5 and add a pinch of focussed intent. Drop down in the heartspace for 3-5 minutes till person is cooking on the floor - is done when poked and edges spring back.

I haven't talked to a person yet who wasn't frustrated and discouraged trying to learn how to do Matrix energetics. I made a point to ask practitioners how long it took before they "got it"and felt like they could really to it. Some of them said about a year. It reminds me of my Drawing classes in college. We had 3 hr night classes sitting there with a live model, trying to draw a nude figure with a piece if soft charcoal on a big newsprint tablet. We would do repeated 5 minute poses then change to another pose and start again. It was discouraging and frustrating also. I would look at a sketch and think this looks like crap. After a while few looked just OK. Then more looked OK. Then I'll be damned if a few didn't actually look passable , maybe even one or two actually looked good. What happened to me as well as many was that you came up against yourself, then all of the sudden you break through a kind of invisible veil and make a kind of quantum leap. All of the sudden you can do it. You learn to see in shapes and shadow instead of thinking in lines. It happens when you aren't looking.

I hope the same will happen with me and ME. A point where I will be able to 2 point like drawing with the charcoal, let the ME creativity flow through me, stand back, look at the image on the page of what is happening in front of me and say "not bad - I like how that turned out" And- be able to do it consistently.

Like the Road Runner in the cartoon, Matrix may be the Trickster painting the tunnel which we to run head first full speed into. Seeing stars in this case might be a good thing. I just hope I can "get IT" quicker than Wile E Coyote, who NEVER got it. Hmmm...isn't the coyote supposed to be the Trickster? There I go again, just more questions!

"I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past" - Thomas Jefferson

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