Monday, November 10, 2008

1 Week Back or is it 1Week Ahead?

It has been almost a week since the Baltimore Seminar. It was incredible, amazing, and most of all perhaps - FUN! There is more to it though. There is an indefinable quality where words do not suffice. A feeling, an awareness, a sense - something that you bring back.

So I have spent the past week catching up on my business and getting our little farm ready for our average annual 16 feet of snow. And, I have been integrating Matrix Energetics into ME. It was there before but I doubted it more....I still doubt it: I am just doubting myself perhaps. Either way. Without going into detail in this post I can say that my ability to access Matrix Energetics ( again whatever that is! ) has become more natural.

I have two pointed some friends and neighbors since coming back with interesting results, to say the least. One thing that has changed is my willingness to try ME with people. I am less embarrassed about explaining what it is, and asking if I can practice on someone. I usually say something like " I am learning this weird new light touch thing"- Is it OK if I try something?" The Archetypes have been particularly useful for me and I find the weird images I get in my mind's eye to be significant to either the person or the immediate situation. Odd thing is that they don't seem significant to me at the time they pop up. One time it was precognitive and one other time the person FELT and described exactly what I was imagining while I was 2-pointing!

Is it LIFE or is it MATRIX ?

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Colleen Lilly said...

Thanks for your reflections from the Baltimore ME seminar. I went to the Minneapolis seminar and what an experience! Hard to blv that the matrix is true until you get blown away. Dr Bartlett makes it look so easy, and it is!!

Go ahead and share more about your seminar experience! Would love to hear all about it!