Sunday, November 23, 2008

What Shows UP

As I sit down to write specific posts I start to form a kind of mental outline of what I want to say. What happens though is what shows up. This time I wanted to write about my struggles this past week with Matrix Energetics. Family setbacks, pitfalls, and tragedies shot me back to an old way of thinking...and feeling. I felt like I couldn't 2 point my way out of a paper bag. When I sat down a concept came in about Spiritual movements in my country in the past few decades. It is what showed up.

How many movements or subcultures have grown out of the blanket term of New Age or Pagan. Most of these claim to be THE truth or THE Divine Wisdom....or my favorite THE reconnection with an ancient teaching. What most fellow Americans sense about those claiming this new-old wisdom can be summed up in one word: superiority. In the same way financial success is flaunted in a passive aggressive manner, the buzzwords and exclusive club passwords are thrown around like a corporate executive showing off his new shiny Lexus. It is the one-upsmanship of how many workshops attended, Master Levels achieved, or magical rituals performed, as if they were merit badges.

I am not saying that all those who seek wisdom are drawn into this sport where the winners are measured by the number of items they have sampled from the enormous New age Buffet. And the buffet is large indeed. It feeds on the addictive consumer mentality of our culture. Those drawn into the "fold" are no different than the Fundamentalist Christians so many of them feel superior to. Notice I said Fundamentalist. With the same breath I also say all of these teachings and this wisdom can help guide an individual to Truth or Spirit or God, or whatever word you want to use because they all are attempts to describe a thing which words cannot describe.

When confronted by those who marginalize Christians as unenlightened people who subjugated their "people" for millennia I many times just say some of the kindest, most spiritual people who put their money where their mouth is are Christians. I can also say some of the nastiest people I have interacted with were Pagans. You will find the most spiritual as well as the least interwoven within all religious or spiritual movements - some less than others. I will leave that determination to your own discretion.

There is an unwritten code among most of them that you cannot question any of the sacred beliefs or practices- if you do it is because you are just not as spiritual or "chosen" as they are. In other words they are Fundamentalists. It is OK to question whether Christ is the Son of God but you had dare not question if that person "REALLY" spoke with Isis or a Pleiadian, or whether or not any of the dishes in the buffet were actually "cooked" by a regular human and not a God. I think it is OK to question ALL OF IT! Christianity is just as fair game as the Pleiadian Galactic Counsel.

Having read quite a bit of history I know that much of ancient history is either unknown or unclear. One case in point being the Druids ...almost nothing is historically known about them. Some writing from Roman Scholars and oral traditions past down give a picture but not the workings of Living Religion. In other words much of the new religious movements of the past 25-50 yrs are made up. That's right, inventions of imagination. I do not downplay imagination. Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge". He used visual mind experiments to come up with his theories. He Imagined! The seeds of imagination could welcome from God, Spirit, Angels, or Ascended Masters, or more simply explained the mad wanderings of our own individual delusional realities. I have no way of verifying them to myself, let alone others. My feeling is it they sometimes comes from something outside of us…at least sometimes.

That is the ground work of what I want to say about Matrix Energetics. Let's take the religious movement Messiah aspect out of the mix. That is one big difference between Richard Bartlett and most of the pack. He always emphatically admits he just made it up. He made up the details, that is. He didn't make up the energy or whatever that is Matrix Energetics however. I compare it to Near Death experiences. Millions of people have had them - this is not in question. Mainstream thought likes to portray them as being all very similar ( light at the end of a tunnel , meeting passed loved ones, etc. ) but the truth is the range of experiences are as unique and many as those experiencing them. The one unifying thing that I find significant is so many Near Death experiencers start off with ..."it is hard to put into words, or, words cannot describe", then they try to describe the thing which words do not come close to relaying.

Richard uses so many of these terms like chakras...then says " I don't believe in chakras but they are a useful mythology" I am paraphrasing, and you could substitute any mystical being, or realm, or phrase for chakra. If an Angel, or a dolphin, or Superman, or a toy fire truck show up when you are in the awareness of ME then go with it.

This is why Matrix Energetics attracts those from all walks of life and all beliefs. It is pragmatic and doesn't require that we put the rational part of our brain on hold like those at Jonestown or in the Heaven's Gate group. Neither does it require that we polarize into opposites like Liberal or Conservative, both of which are blind to the vast landscape of the center. It is like one person standing in LA looks out over the Pacific and says "this is what America looks like", and another is standing in NY looking out towards the Atlantic and says "this is what America looks like". in the mean time the rest of us Americans are standing around looking at each other and the wide country between and say....." hmmm, so this is what America looks like" ( sorry Alaska and Hawaii for leaving you out of that analogy, America looks like you too).

You don't have to chant or meditate, wear a tunic or tie-dye, or forsake your religion. That "superiority" attitude is mostly absent from those involved in ME. Most Me folks I meet are simply there to be of service....willing to embrace the miraculous-what shows up. They come with an open heart and a desire to transform. Shirt and shoes not required.

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