Friday, November 14, 2008

Cheryl Andersen's Matrix Energetics Workshop

I was fortunate enough to attend a 6 hour Matrix Energetics given by Cheryl Andersen of New Energetics in a small town near me called Lily Dale. Since it was established in 1879, Lily Dale has been the world’s largest center for spiritual development and the practice of the Spiritualist religion. The 6 hr workshop was actually right outside the assembly grounds at Fellowships of the Spirit . I encourage you to visit their site and explore all the workshops and courses they offer.

Let me first say that that Dr. Richard Bartlett's teaching style is very different than Cheryl's. Richard is a showman and a cross somewhere between Conan O'Brien and Sam Kinison. It is a complex style incorporating fairly in depth layman's discussions of quantum physics, lots of stories giving background, and demonstrations ( again in a showman like manner) to drive home the point that ME is both powerful and easy. There are also lots of practice sessions for the people to try out the techniques. The entertainment quality of the full 2-3 day seminar is deceptive yet decisive in its ability to infuse those attending with this "thing" that is so hard to put into words. Richard's as well as the other teacher's compassion, love, and desire to help people are the steam engine that drives it down the tracks.

Cheryl has the task of trying to fit basically the same information into a typical 4 hr. workshop and still have the participants walk away with some understanding and ability to do a basic 2-point technique and usually have some results, confidence, and trust that they can do this " thing". Maybe they don't walk away knowing they can do it. Most everyone, I think, at the end of the day knows there is more to it than smoke and mirrors and if they didn't have much success they at least saw results being had by most others in the workshop. I don't know how one could ask for much more than this out of a 4 hr. workshop. What I have just said though is does not relay the real impact of the workshop. I am just saying I think there are very few who would not get something out of it even if they had just a casual interest in Matrix Energetics.

Now on to the important stuff! Cheryl is great! The workshop is very relaxed, informative, and interactive. The participants in this workshop were from a wide range of interests and backgrounds. Of the 40 people we had about an even mix of men and women. Most topics of this nature ( you know what I mean) tend to draw more women and more of the Woo Woo crowd. This was a blend of those who already did some form of energy work as well as others from all walks of life. We had a couple of teachers, some people in marketing, a computer programmer, and even a couple of engineers. The draw for many men is, I believe, the pragmatic aspect of Matrix Energetics. It is a tool you can easily learn and use.....says no more! The quantum physics explanations about how ME might possibly/probably work are hard to dismiss out of hand. No one knows what gravity is or how it works (yes theories exist) but if you pick op a rock and put it on a piece of paper you got yourself a paperweight.

The other people attending were all very nice. Cheryl set the tone that this isn't just an " I teach you and you learn" situation. We were all participants in the learning as well as the teaching. Questions were always welcomes and answered playfully and with humility. What those sitting in the audience said and thought were equally as vital to the learning as what Cheryl said. It is a hard thing to communicate to a group , I suppose, this thing - this subtle thing that you can't just put your finger on like an apple it and say " see everyone here it is this is exactly what it looks like - any questions?" That would be a short workshop indeed.

Cheryl instills through her relaxed style that anybody can do this. She makes it look easy as most practitioners do. The combination of information and breaking up into practice groups is helpful to try to "get" what ME is about. The first group of 3 I was with had some interesting 2 pointing attempt. There was a bit of involuntary twisting and swaying which is typical. It was to jump in with both feet and see how easy it is....or at least how easy it is to try. I remember 2 pointing one woman and she said "wow" and looked surprised. I of course felt nothing and hoped I was not fond out for the incompetent fraud I was. In the second group I was with a really nice teacher from Canada and a woman who used to work in the diamond industry in Manhattan and lived in Ireland for a while. It was in this group that I first felt that "connected" feeling using ME. It was really nice.

The last part of the workshop involved having participants come of front two at a time and practice what they learned on each other. This part really brought it home as you could see and feel that in a short time most people could do this. Some people collapsed, or swayed, or became emotional, or felt something tangible. I feel most people were intrigued but not 100% convinced. I count myself among those. How can you in such a short time accept something that your whole society and experiences say should not work..or at least should not be this easy! I say this after being 2 pointed and being "knocked out" for 5 minutes while my body did some weird involuntary stuff. (it felt amazing). Even with repeated validation like that t is still hard to fully accept.

I first contacted Cheryl after trying to talk myself out of going to the Full 3 day seminar in Toronto Ontario. The “shit hitting the fan" that happens to some folks getting involved in Matrix Energetics was in full swing in my life at the time. It was Marls Frees who told me that this sometimes happens to a small number of folks beginning the Matrix journey...that it is a sort of drastic restructuring to make way for the new. Could be true ...I don't really know for sure. Anyway, the workshop became available only 14 miles away and costing only $125 instead of the full $495 for the Seminar. Plus I would have been away from home for 4 days for the full seminar and had to get a room etc. even though Toronto is only 3 hrs away. I called Cheryl and say " You offer a workshop you think I should go to your workshop or go to the full seminar?" She said without hesitation “Go to the seminar!". Crap! That is not what I wanted to hear. It does speak of her integrity though. In the end I chickened out on going to Toronto.

One really nice thing about Cheryl is that she will actually answer you phone calls and answer her emails too. She is genuinely willing to help without first getting your credit card number. Your questions are not answered by a staff member either or just plain unanswered.

Which do I recommend? Both! You can't go wrong either way. My ability to 2 point with noticeable results increased after Cheryl’s workshop. Was it just more confidence or the practice sessions, or the information, or being within the field at the workshop? I don't know - it was probably all of the above. As you most likely know if you are reading this Matrix Energetics is like the concept of dark matter or the seemingly fruit-loopy concepts of Quantum Physics like the Observation Effect or Spooky Action at a Distance. Come on, I mean it doesn't get any kookier than saying that a particle is a wave till a person observes it or that 2 or more particles can be connected and act as one when separated 100 light years apart. They don't know the mechanism and can only explain the results of the observations. How is this different from Matrix? I touch two points and these things often happen. Getting repeatable results and building on that ..... let's focus there.

Thanks Cheryl!


Harlan Kilstein said...

So is matrix energetics something that you think is effective for everyone or just for a chosen few?

Dr. Harlan Kilstein

angie said...

I have met Cheryl at the Matrix Energetics seminars - you are right, she has a very appealing style. Nice post about someone who deserves it.

regards Angie
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