Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Start at the Beginning

How did I first become drawn to Matrix Energetics? As I have said, I heard Dr. Richard Bartlett interviewed on Whitley Strieber's Dreamland. The interview was on March 22, 2008 and the interviewer was Marla Frees. What Richard Bartlett was saying tied in my lifelong interest in the paranormal and the nature of reality. He always says “It is all made up". That is the reason most healing techniques work to a greater or lesser degree. Prayer works, hypnosis works, acupuncture works, even Voodoo I suppose. The fact that placebos work sometimes just as well as drugs being tested for FDA approval proves this.

I spoke to a fascinating man last year in Toronto who was one of the world’s first genetic engineers. He agreed that placebos can be just as effective and cited one trial where the drug that was approved was only 5% more effective than the placebo. Maureen Caudil, a scientist turned psychic said there was a study done that proved folk remedies for wart removal like rubbing potatoes on warts can actually work - even though by medical scientific knowledge of the cause and cure of warts they should have no effect.

OK, back To Matrix Energetics. The fact that it is WAY crazier than rubbing a potato on a wart and burying it under a full moon does not disqualify it as being potentially effective. The difference is Matrix Energetics ( ME ) can go beyond healing and into the weird realm of transformation. Minor transformations or life altering ones are all there in the sea of possibilities that is ME. You just need to get your feet wet.

OK, now... Back to the beginning again. I bought the book and read it. In much of the first part of the book ,Matrix Energetics: The Science and Art of Transformation by Dr. Richard Bartlett, Richard it trying to explain in layman's terms somewhat how healing/transformation with ME is explained by cutting edge and established Quantum Physics. He does a good job but it is mostly an attempt to convince you that it is not just Voodoo and your left brain hemisphere should just shut up , sit down, and pay attention to the actual events unfolding before you. It is OK to doubt, but by doubting the possibility of ME you have to also doubt some of the firm foundations of modern physics. Left brain "might " have a problem doing that - which puts you in a state of question. And that is a good place to be for Matrix Energetics.

During the reading of the book our favorite pet sheep Maggie had a life threatening event right before birthing which led to a life threatening delivery. My wife Beth had to pull the lamb out and it was fine. Maggie was our bottle baby from the previous year and after such a difficult birth she was unwilling or unable to take care of her lamb (we had to raise her in the house and bottle feed her but she was great). Maggie on the other hand was not doing so well. She was spiraling and unable to eat or digest well. The inability for a ruminant to get its digestive system going can be life threatening under normal conditions let alone the condition the birthing left her in. The vet came out and did what she could but she could barely eat and had severe diarrhea. We kept getting into her the nutrients we could but that rumen had to get going soon... that is she had to start pooping right.

Enter Matrix Energetics. I sat with her in the side yard keeping her company and getting her to eat and drink as we could and monitor her. As I sat with her I was reading the second half of the book. When I got to the part where Richard actually tells you HOW to do a 2 point technique which gets you started doing ME I tried it on Maggie. She was my first Guinea Pig or Guinea sheep, if you will. So I picked two spots to touch and did "IT" having no idea what "IT" was or if I was doing "IT" right and thinking how can this possibly work? Well 5 minutes later she got up took a few steps and pooped almost normal droppings for the first time in about 5 days. From then on she rather quickly recovered.

I just said to myself - Huh? Just a coincidence? Did it really do something? Well I can honestly say I don't know! But there begins my journey with Matrix Energetics, a little faith, a little suspension of belief, some possible results, and a whole lot of doubt that I did anything at all. That doesn't sound like a good recipe for encouragement or success but it is. We all have to start somewhere. My journey started with a sick sheep and the question “What if?"


jim said...

I am enjoying your comments about M/E, as well as comments from many others. I have read the book, and hope I will attend a seminar sometime. I have studied metaphysics for 40 years, especially channeling. One of my favorite channelers talks about retrieving skills from past lives or even future possible ones. I am retrieving my M/E type skills from my supposed lemurian life.
I am reading a great book, "Punk Science". It is a scientific version of "The Secret" and much more. It uses famous experiments from physics and biology to prove that consciousness is in every atom.


Colleen Lilly said...

Thanks for sharing your ME story. It is fascinating how we become attracted to such phenomenon. Love the sheep story. I was at a matrix practice session last night working on a gentleman and the sheep archetype came up for him! Interesting I should read this today!

Keep posting on your ME journey!