Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Baltimore ME Seminar Part 1

Matrix Energetics 2 Hour Intro Halloween 2008, Friday night Intro to Matrix Energetics...Act 1: music volume increases as large man in a Batman costume approaches the stage. His minions dresses in other various pop-culture costumes stream in to hold key locations in the ballroom.,,Daughter Justice as Catwoman, Son Nate as The Joker, Jamie as Neo, Tanika as a pirate, and the other Master Teachers and Interns in an assortment of other great costumes. The clapping and music feed Richard as the tone builds to the crescendo. It brings the audience to , not a level of excitement, but a shared level of awareness. Richard speaks...

Sitting in the front row with Richard towering over you in a rubber suit is kind of intimidating. I can see how the superhero garb is a staple for the guy who may be a mild mannered CPA by day. Without the ability to see the face you can't get the nuances behind the words. Someone could be joking with you and though your ears hear the phrase "did you hear the one about...?", part of your visual perception is telling you this guy is going to pull something out of that utility belt and...where DOES he get all those wonderful toys???!!!! And Dr. Richard Bartlett then starts using all those wonderful toys. After all it is all about playing and people like to play with toys. Instead of a fire truck or an MP3 player he whips out an archetype or a frequency and whips it at the audience like a bat-arang.

It is difficult to describe how the Seminar experience is. There is a lot going on and the interactions with the other attendees makes each interaction unique. I could say Dr. Bartlett makes a constant stream of puns and interlaces them with very serious physics and Spiritual information. He makes a number of people sway, distort, laugh, and fall down like a person playing twister with an invisible partner. The comparison to Benny Hinn and the "slaying people in the Spirit" is exactly what it looks like much of the time. He has stated in a couple of interviews that this appearance is not purely accidental. Richard has said that he thinks that the healing or transformation comes from God or the Holy Spirit...or something like that. And he always says he doesn't really know what is happening when people fall, or sway or go into trance, or just gasp and say something like "Oh my,Holy Shit!, WOW, or just look puzzled and say HUH?". He does try to explain what he thinks or believes is going on right after stating that he really doesn't know what is going on. What more could you ask for.

It is at the least funny and FUN. Thinking how fun it is I thought of calling it FUN ( F***ked Up N'ergetics) which is the experience somewhat in a nutshell. This stuff is messed up! If one was watching detached from the experience it would be easy to sum it up this way. So...there were a couple hundred people touching each other and falling down and randomly laughing or crying and a snapshot at any given time might look like the morning after a frat party with bodies littering the carpet. Albeit there is, on average, a much older crowd assembled and no drugs or alcohol involved. You can hold this one against me but ME can mess you a good way , that is. That is looking at it from the outside, as a detached fly on the wall.

It is hard to be detached from it however. When you are in that room with all these other people trying to do this "thing", trying to become themselves if that doesn't seem too cryptic. What I, and what I believe almost everyone else there, was trying to do is to get a handle on Matrix Energetics. I can't speak for the Matrix groupies or the repeat offenders at the seminar. For most of those I came in contact with it was about making this real for themselves the way Richard seems to have made it real for him. We want to be able to do what he does, what we see him doing before our eyes. We wanted to touch another person and have a positive profound effect on them - simply put. He says anyone can learn it, that could be true - I don't know. The part about fixing your toaster or your Ipod, or about zapping $10,000 into your bank account is appealing and no weirder than 2-pointing a sprained ankle. What I saw most of was compassion and a desire to help others... and tap into an awareness where miracles happen.

There was a guy there on Friday night who raised his hand and stood up about half way through the intro and said something like " This is all staged, isn't it? It looks staged". Well you can guess what happened next. He was called up on stage with a guy in a Batman costume who touched him and he fell over backwards and lay motionless on the floor for the next 10 minutes. When he got up he was thrilled. I sat beside him the next day and talked. He was Polish and had been in the US for 27 years. He had just recently heard from a friend that he should go to this seminar and hadn't even read the book. He was psyched! He didn't know what happened to him when Richard touched him but it was powerful. He was sure to that it was not just a stage act. It is real.

Everyone there, for the most part, wanted that experience of Richard working his magic on them. Many were called to come up and be "played with". As person after person went up and seemed to have amazing things happen Dr. Bartlett said over and over....It is not him doing it and you all can do this. The difference of us doing it is that we have to find a way to do it our own way. If you listened to Reggi or Richard's daughter Justice or any of the other Master Practitioners there, the underlying narrative was that they each have their own style. So we are given the basic skills but it is up to us to make it our own. We are handed the tools and lumber to build a house but the blueprint and the details are up to us. And anything goes. Make it up as you go along. And have FUN!

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