Thursday, November 13, 2008

Being There

No I am not referring to Peter Sellers Movie by the same title....or am I? Those who have seen this movie may remember he was living in a different reality than everyone else around him. He was a simple minded gardener of a wealthy man who was on death's door. His whole life revolved around gardening and watching TV. He was accepting, trusting, positive, and most of all he was always in the moment. When his employer died he was thrown out into the cruel world he had never known. His gift was his presence...his gift affected all he came in contact with. His Gift was Being There!

This is the gift we bring when we enter into Matrix Energetics. We do not come empty waiting to be filled by it. One phrase from the Bible spoken by Jesus is, I believe, the most cryptic as well as the most profound - "The Kingdom of God is Within You" Other variations of the interpretation are " among you" or "in the midst of you". Just as cryptic and just as profound. Have any of you ever been aware of this Kingdom? I think we all have at times.

Have you ever comforted another person who was suffering ...or been comforted yourself? Ever love or been loved? Ever felt Joy? If you answered yes to any of these questions you may be suffering from The Kingdom of God Syndrome. Matrix Energetics has been proven effective at treating KODS... consult your doctor. Side effects may include but are not limited to synchronicity, joy, love, healing, transformation, expanding awareness, and miracles. Should these symptoms persist... Great !

The state, or consciousness, or awareness, or feeling I enter or experience when "dropping down" is perhaps this. It is "Being There", being in the moment and open to whatever shows up, whatever feels right. Of course my mind is trying to take over in the process by saying things like....." Oh no - It's not working, quick try something else, no that is stupid, what were you thinking, etc. ". Is this the only way to enter that "state" of ME? How would I know! I am only saying what I myself notice in hopes that it might be of use to some of you.

When it comes to "fixing" your car, or computer, or squeaky hinge,or whatever with ME I find it is not as easy (for me) to access that same feeling where you are connected to another human and are both "There", co-creating. The intent part is also both elusive, as it involves the thinking brain to a degree, and powerful when more than just your thinking brain is intending.

When I am there with another person... I may feel connected ( oh no, not another word I can't describe) and in that instant things happen. My intent is usually just for something good to happen, and "good" doesn't need defining. I usually feel nothing and am usually suprised when the person tells me they felt this weird " thing". Then they have a hard time telling me what it was and usually use terms like Huh?.....that felt weird......whoah!....etc. Many times they feel nothing and neither do I.

Why is this important? Because we all want validation and verification that it has worked. When the person doesn't collapse into a smiling giggling heap on the floor we might think we did it wrong or didn't do it enough. That is not true. This just happened to me last night after starting this post and stopping to go visit a neighbor. I have "tried" 2 pointing her several times, most of which she tenses up like a board and darts her eyes around. This is probably a bad analogy and shows I am trying to "do something", but it is like trying to hammer a small nail into a large rock. Well I tried again last night and knew she not only resisted it working but didn't really want it to work. I felt nothing and she was just relieved it was done. I think she was just humoring me...which is OK. I get back home and my wife who was sitting on the couch beside where she was standing said when you 2 pointed her I felt these waves roll over me and my whole being kind of vibrated. She really likes to tease me about ME most of the time, calling it things like 2-touching and 2-poking or something else silly. So there was validation. Not the kind I was expecting. Like most validation I get with ME it was humorous as well. What is even more humorous is that I could end every post by saying " I don't know "

Matrix Energetics tip #259 - Being there!

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