Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Matrix Energetics in 3 Easy Steps

First I would like to thank those who have responded to my posts. I want to emphasize that I am in no way an expert on Matrix Energetics. I am not a certified practitioner nor am I trained in any other healing modality. But that is the point of Matrix Energetics. It is what Dr. Richard Bartlett says over and over " anyone can do really is that easy" Which leads me to my post for today. I wanted to start this initially for those who are interested in Matrix Energetics and have probably read the book but have many doubts and questions. So I guess we start at Step 1.........


Read the book and have many doubts and questions


Question your sanity for pursuing Matrix Energetics cause it really shouldn't work according to everyday wake up, go about your day, eat your meals, put a lot of focused effort towards getting things done, lather-rinse-repeat reality.


Having completed steps 1 and 2 just keep going, keep trying, keep practicing, and I suppose keep believing that in spite of you......or in spite of you not being Richard Bartlett..... or in spite of all those people who might look at you even "funnier" than they looked at you before..... in spite of all that - it does work!

I know there are probably many more steps ...but let's just lump all the others STEP together and label them STEP( I don't have a key for the infinity symbol so I'll just type it ) INFINITY. The reason is , from what I have gathered from ME workshops and the level 1&2 seminar, and especially my own experiences over the past 8 months is that like life, Matrix Energetics is in many ways uniquely different for each person drawn to it ( or called by it perhaps - yikes!). Yes, there are extremely valuable techniques to learn an practice in the seminars....But again like Dr. Bartlett keeps saying " it is all just made up"! So if you are here reading this, or thinking about signing up for a seminar, or even casually trying it in your life congratulations! You are doing it right. You can ignore my 3 easy steps because if you think about it you are already following your own.

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